How to force encoder values to equal a formula?

I’m using Labview to try to program a swerve drive. I need the encoder values to match up with one of my formula script. If you know how please reply.:confused:

i know i have to use PIDs, but are there any specifics or sugestions from anyone?

I think your original wording is a little confusing … but I think I’m gathering your intent. You know where you WANT it to go (the formulas), but need tips on getting it to do what you want. Right?

… you don’t “force encoder values”. You vary the input controls to the motors and the encoders are the sensors that provide the feedback to our control loops.

There’s a really good paper on PID by Tim Wescott … called PID without a PhD. It’ll get you started. Then keep asking questions. That’s what we’re here for.

ok we solved it (without that long pdf). now how do i close this thread?

Just leave it alone, don’t water it, and the thread will die off naturally.


(PS: That “long PDF” is one of the best papers on the topic of making something work with a PID loop. It actually might be worth reading. Even more if your system isn’t doing what you expect it to do)