How to "FRC" an award

Due to the fact that our team is a county-wide team with no real school attachment to give our second engineering excellence award to our mentor decided to give it the, as we have dubbed, “FRC” once over.

Check it out :smiley:

This is awesome! May “borrow” your idea…

Feel free to copy… I carefully drilled a hole through the black base under each pillar and inserted an LED (Red, White and Blue). If you series connect them along with a 220ohm resistor you can drive it from a 12 Volt plug in supply.

I think this is pretty cool and I have seen other teams do the same thing. An alternative to giving the second awards to your school is to give them to your primary sponsor. This is something we have done in the past.

This is awesome!
I’ve been wanting to do this too, but never got around to it.