How to get gears fast

Go to the enemy player station and beg for a gear until they give you one or you get a foul. Or you can cooperate with the other team before the match and give gears to each other.

I believe one way, which most teams are probably thinking of, is to be capable of receiving gears from the loading station and get across the field in 4-6 seconds with being able to place the gear in at most 3 seconds

Begging Robot: Please give me a gear.


Isn’t going into the opponent loading station a violation?

only if their robot is present. it’s worth knowing these rules.

you can’t sit in your opponent’s key (shooting area near boiler) for 5 seconds, but the limit on loading zone is based on hitting an opponent.

Each alliance agrees to scoot the 18 gears into the opponent’s driver station. They now belong to the opponent alliance.

The only rule I can find applies to being in the KEY, not the LOADING STATION. Also the loading rules aren’t ALLIANCE color specific.

This also doesn’t seem to break the conduct rules (eg C01/C02) as it’s not used to ‘throw’ a match, if the action is reciprocated (eg both teams can use the other team’s loading station).

I would also expect Q&A to nuke this.

I expect some red or blue tape to be added to the gears. You can only score your alliance color gears. Reminds me of the noodles.

If one team is asking the other team on a different alliance to change how they play to make it easier for everyone, that is specifically against C02 and C03. I do expect Q&A to address this.

In the heat of battle the other alliance might slide a gear into your robot if they aren’t paying attention to what color you are.

C02 - Asking other Teams to throw a MATCH – not cool. A Team may not encourage an ALLIANCE, of which it is not a member, to play beneath its ability.

C03 - Letting someone coerce you in to throwing a MATCH – also not cool. A Team, as the result of encouragement by a Team not on their ALLIANCE, may not play beneath its ability.

These are talking about one-sided events - throwing a match. If both alliances agree, it’s an equally competitive strategy, not throwing the match.


In all reality though, good idea. I think that FIRST won’t like the collusion, because it means that some teams won’t have heard the idea and will be punished for it.

While I hope to use this myself, I don’t think it will be allowed.

Good luck all!

for them to agree, one must start the conversation, which entails one team asking the other if they agree with X. Therefore, one team is asking the other to X, even if they already know about X and agree willingly. The asker is breaking one rule, and the other team is breaking the other.

It’s pretty clear that this strategy is against the intent of the rules.

Pretty sure this strategy would net both alliances a red card under H07.

Actually, Doug’s point about H07 made me re-read H08 which explicitly forbids this strategy. H07 only prevents someone from leaving their zone, but does not prevent the “gear donating” alliance from sliding game pieces to the “gear receiving” alliance over the line.

H08 specifically does prevent this action, so we don’t even need Q&A clarification any more. this “strategy” causes the donating alliance to “deliberately cause GAME PIECES to leave” their loading lane via a parth not allowed in the 3 point rule.

A. during TELEOP,
C. through a LOADING STATION slot.

H08 prohibits the ability to pass the gears into the opposing Alliance Station from your Loading Lane. However it does not prevent you from loading gears into the robots of the Opposing Alliance.

The first person has no idea what he is talking about. The other team is NOT going to give you their gear!

this is NOT going to happen!

This estimate seems very optimistic to me, especially when you consider defense. In fact I think gear bots will be a very attractive target for defense even during qualification matches this year

I like how working with the other alliance to earn mutually beneficial ranking points in some years is considered “coopertition” and working with the other alliance to earn mutually beneficial ranking points in other years is considered “collusion.”

I think I’ll just go on the offensive and tell teams they are not in the spirit of coopertition if they don’t want to work with me. :rolleyes: