How to get Pro/Engineer?

I was wondering what site I could download Pro/Engineer from. There was a sheet in the kit of parts checklist that gave a site name, but it was a broken link so I’m not sure what to do.

You can get all the information from PTC:

…or you can get it from FIRST:

Seriously, I cannot find it either… Come on guys, BUMP

Go here

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To answer your question, the best place to start is:

This will give you all the information you ever wanted to have about PTC, FIRST and the software and solutions we offer FIRST teams.

You can also get to this page from the FIRST web site:

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Sorry. I have answered this question twice and the replies did not go through. Please go to for all the info you need on PTC, ProENGINEER, Windchill, Mathcad and ProductView.

Ok, I finally figured it out. I went to, I made an account, then I went to and then went to home, utilities, clicked software downloads and then downloaded pro/e cd 1 and 2 files.

I hate to be a nuisance, but a single installer .exe would be much more convenient.

Sorry, we cannot provide a single installer unless we increase the download size to an unmanageable size. Right now, we limit the download to (1) CD (700mb) at a time. Some people would really have trouble downloading 1.4mb of data in a single file.

PTC has changed the download and delivery mechanism for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 Schools Edition. You now only need to download a single installer, (32bit or 64bit) but you must maintain an active internet connection for the installer to pull the required files from and install the product on your machine.

This is great for people with fast and reliable internet connections, but maybe not so nice for people on the other side of the fence. If you need to make an offline installation, you can request a DVD by sending an email with your team number and contact information to [email protected].


We wish to install Pro/E in a lab with 24 computers, our current method involves re-imaging the lab with an image that has Pro/E installed. However since you are required to log in on install, will that mean that we have to install each computer separately and will we need 24 people to register?


This is an extremely late reply but for those who have a question in the future, the answer is yes you have to install seperately but no you only need one persons account. We give the IT services department one account and they use it for all of the computers and everything works fine. however, they have to individually install it per machine.

Jason Law