How to get robot's usb camera to be displayed on dashboard

Hi, we need some help here. This will probably be a nooby post.

We have a Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 connected to one of the usb ports on the robo rio, and we have been trying many things within labview to get it setup to get the image feed of the camera on the robot to even appear at all in labview or the driver station. We are looking for some help on the process to get this to work, is there a tutorial out there that we can’t seem to find? All we want is to get the camera feed from robo rio usb to stream into the driver station.

We would appreciate any help you guys can offer, we are a bit stuck with this.


Have you guys changed the default code at all in Vision Processing? If not, the code should be all there for a camera to show up in the dashboard.

There is also a little drop down menu on the dashboard that has an option to change it from “Camera Off” to “USB camera hw” or “USB camera sw.” Have you put it in either of those modes yet?

We haven’t made any major changes to the Vision Processing VI, and the changes we did make were only additions. We have also changed the Camera Off to both of the other options, with no change.

There’s a boolean constant in Vision Processing to select between an IP camera (“axis-camera”) and a USB camera (“USB 0”). Make sure that constant is True.