How To Get Solidworks for 2022 Season

I am a mentor and I have never had a problem getting the voucher code for SW and then completing the form on their site and getting a license. This year there is no voucher code on the First dashboard and I didn’t see any sponsorship for FRC on their site. What am I missing?


I noticed that there are many vouchers not showing on on FIRST inspires. I think they trimmed the list to only things you need a unique code for.

There are more vouchers (including Solidworks) with details on this page:

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Anyone else in the “I know ‘XSEK12’ off the top off my head” from years of filling out that form?


Yep ! I am use to seeing solidworks in the list of software sponsors, but not this year.

Just curious, how long after filling out the form until you receive the licenses? I failed to do this prior to the season and the students are not satisfied with Onshape and asking for these licenses. I filled out the form 24 hours ago and have no feedback from that process that I even submitted the form. I don’t see any sort of contact info either.

In my experience the turnaround time is only a few days.

DM me if you really need a few licenses to get you going as we have some to spare.

Looking back through my email, this happened to me when I joined my new team after kickoff in 2017. I did the request on kickoff weekend and got it that Wednesday.

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I requested mine last week from the form linked in the virtual KOP. Filled it all out and even added the team photo and have seen nothing come back in yet. I still have my code from 2019 and the emails for that but this year nothing so far.

It took a couple days for a response email from Solidworks after applying for sponsorship. Got it yesterday with all the necessary codes and downloaded all the software. Just trying to find the library of FRC components now.

Nick, Could you DM me with information on borrowing a license till we get our reply from the form?