How to get solidworks?

I was looking at solidworks and noticed that it looks interesting and want to try it out. How do I go about getting it however? On the sponsorship it says I need to be 18 or is that for the mentor to signup?

I believe that whoever is submitting the form has to be 18 or older so maybe you could get a mentor or older student to do it for you?

Ok, that’s what I thought. Thank you.

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You apply for the Solidworks sponsorship once a year for the whole team and let them know how many licenses you need (as opposed to some other software sponsorships where each member applies individually). It wouldn’t surprise me if they want the person who applies to be a mentor to make sure they keep the license keys safe.

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Here is the link to do so:

The blog post about it:

And for extra credit, I would also go ahead and get SolidProfessor for your team as well because you can learn any cad you want on this platform as a FRC team:

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