How to get Sponsors.

My team needs sponsors and we have tried different places such as gamestop,RadioShack,Etc. But they aren’t willing to sponsor us. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

You’re mentioning a fair number of chains. Individual stores of a chain are going to have far less latitude to do things like sponsoring FRC teams. Two options come from this:

a) Try to secure sponsorship from these companies on the corporate level; look at their web sites’ corporate information to see if they offer grants.

b) Try other businesses, particularly independent companies or franchisees. While franchisees offer national brands, they are often owned by far smaller businesses relative to the franchisor’s company. This might give you a better shot.

A. If you don’t have a document stating HOW to donate/sponsor, make one.
B. If you don’t have ‘team brochure’ or similar item explaining the team, make one.
C. Never be without A&B (see for tips)
D. Make sure the parents on your team have A&B and take them to work (if appropriate)
E. Visit companies in your area, especially the ones that employ engineers or are in the technology field. Do be afraid to walk in and ask the receptionist if you can speak with someone about support for a high school robotics club. If you can’t speak with anyone leave the literature.
F. See E.

All the advice above is great. Take it.

Always have something to give to your potential sponsors. Even as a rookie team, one of the first things we developed was the Sponsor brochure. We even had a few flyers of information. Now, we’ve developed an entire packet of things, with a dvd to go to our potential sponsors.

You can download our brochure at our website ( under the Resources and Documents section. I’ll see about getting all our other documents up there too…

Also remember, lots of us have been in this boat before. There’s lots of threads already on CD that can help you out. I did a quick search for “sponsor help,” and here’s what I found.

Sponsorship Tips that should also help you get started:

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Remember, the search feature is sometimes your best friend.