how to get the volume of a part?

i need to know the cross-sectional volume of a part i have made to see how much plastic will be needed to make it. and don’t know how to find it.


We’ll need a little more information based on your current question.
What shape is the part you are working with (cylinder, cube, cone, other 3D shape)?
Attaching a simple sketch of the piece would help.
Also, is it a container (shelled out part), or a solid part?

Please note the above questions are from before I realized you were asking an Inventor question & thought you actually wanted the formulas to calculate a part's volume.
I'm sure the software can automatically calculate volume, but I'm not familiar with Inventor*.
Sorry about that!
*I should really unsubscribe from the Inventor forum since I tend to make that mistake randomly answering geometry questions or CAD questions before I realize they are Inventor based, or then again, to help myself in this scenario I should just learn Inventor. :)

Are you after volume or cross-section area?

For volume right click on the top node of the part in the browser and select iProperties. Go to the Physical tab and Update.

For cross-section analysis go to New Cross-section Analysis and click on the Advanced button.

the volume is what i am after thanks


It should be there.


thanks i found it