"How to Grow FIRST Faster" Document

A few years ago, my team, Spartronics 4915 created this document detailing our successful fundraising strategies and stories. This document was meant to help any team that is just starting or struggling with the fundraising aspect of their team.

We would love for this to be shared as widely as possible and to help as many teams as possible. If you have a successful strategy that you think should be shared, please contact our team so we can grow this document even more with the strategies of successful teams so that we can all help to Grow FIRST Faster!

Here is a direct download for the document, as well as a link to the post on our website about the document.
How to Grow FIRST Faster.pdf (21.0 MB)


Have you thought about sharing this resource with FIRST HQ as part of something that could be posted under the FIRST Fundraising Toolkit? This is impressively documented and something other teams should utilize.

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We (to clarify - our team, Pearadox) love the idea of the virtual door knocks. Thanks for sharing!

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