How to Hang

hey, I’m not asking you guys for what you are doing to hang ( but by all means tell if you want ) but our team needs some pointers on how to have something get up to 10ft. One of our ideas was a pneumatic arm… but you can prolly see the problem with this. Help anyone? :confused: and remember, its nice to help, cause we might be your ally in some match :smiley:

One of the biggest sources of ideas for you could come from the Chief Delphi image gallery. Scan through the 2000 gallery… There was both hanging and ball collection (same size balls as this year) that year.

Search around and you will find threads on this topic already. One being here. Also take a look at some of the robot pics available from the 2000 game. If you have more questions feel free to contact me. We are here to help you in GA.

What is the problem with this?

You can order 3 free cylinders of up to 24" stroke each …

The problem is that compressed air can be compressed further. Incorrect design/planning could lead to your robot sliding back down your cylinders and ending up back on the floor.

There are ways to prevent this, but there is another thread about that. Search it.

alright thanks! I’ll check it out! also, is there any danger in say, your hanging off the bar right? well, what if the enemy team decides to hit your robot? say they’re just trying to get by? is that an illegal move or what? cause if it isnt, then I dont feel like seeing a pneumatic arm breaking off…

**that is a good question…:confused: **

Yes and no. Compressed air can be compressed more but it won’t be very much compression if you are using it at near 60 psi. That is not the problem. If you make sure to lift yourself more than a couple inches from the ground and don’t have any leaks in the system you should have no problem with staying up. One problem tends to be that with a 130 lb robot it will take a 2" bore 48si of pressure to cause the lift need to pull it up. That is not including the dip in pressure the lift would cause making it more like 55-60 psi to complete the lift. Compression would happen but with a 2" bore with 50-60 psi it wouldn’t be more than a couple inches.

My personal tip to everyone is to not use pneumatic to lift the robot up but use “the force” like my team hopes to. We have bypassed robot designed to train in the art of the Jedi and we plan to have mastered “the force” by the time we get to Houston and Atlanta. My team pledges to use “the force” with gracious professionalism when using it. May “the force” be with us.

Plan B involves calling on “the swartz” while dangling a lucky rabbits foot.

Atlanta eh? I’ll make sure to keep my eye’s peeled for you guys too… I’ll nab some of your lucky rabbits foots! I’ll talk with my design guys with the info I’ve gotten.

an idea: stick something sturdy up that hooks onto the bar, then lift the wheels ^^