how to hook up the eletrical wiring

thank you for you help so far, we got our parts… and we were able to assemble and test the pneumatic system but how do we connect the wiring to program the pneumatic system, the compressor is conneted to the black circuit breaker, which is then connected to the digital sidecar, what do we do do next to the regulator and the festo?

I’m assuming you mean the compressor is connected to the Spike, which happens a black box. The breakers can also be described as “black boxes”, though, so this is something to confirm.

The regulator doesn’t need to be connected to any electronics. The pressure switch, however, should be connected to one of your digital inputs. When the switch inside opens, it means the system has reached maximum pressure.

The Festo should be connected to the pneumatics bumper. Unlike past years, it’s not necessary to drive solenoids from Spikes; they can be hooked directly up to the bumper.

Thank you for your help, here is what we have done so for…

Yes it is connected to the spike relay, then pressure switch is connected to the dio, and festo is connected to the solenoid, you stated that you do not have to connect the spike, but if the spike is not connected to the digital side car the compressor does not turn on. Once again thank you for your help.