How to host an off-season comp.?

Code Red Robotics is seriously considering hosting an offseason competition in Ithaca, NY this year. We have no idea how to get started. Could someone help us out?

Poll local teams and see if there’s even any interest in such a thing. If there isn’t, there’s no point.

Start small. It’s a lot easier that way, and you can always grow in subsequent years.

Make sure you can have the full support of the admin at your school.

Those are all general things. you could talk to people who plan events like IRI, Cal Games, Battle Cry, etc each year to get specific advice.

I have “a little” experience with starting an off-season comp (Beantown Blitz in Boston) :wink: . Depending on the organizer’s specific situation; there are many different ways of putting a off-season FIRST event together. However, since your team is affiliated with a university (as is mine) I might be able to give you some direct insight on how to host a competition in a university venue.

PM me and perhaps we could arrange for a phone call. There is a lot of information I can pass along, but at the moment its too much to type.


Contact 341, 222, 365, 316, 25, IndianaFIRST … and anyone else who has run such an event

Putting on a off season competition is a lot of work. I have knowledge of both failures and successes with them. When i was with 710 we tried to get a off season competition in Ft. Lauderdale. WE had the space and everyone’s permission but lost support and it fell apart. Now i am with 1083 who puts on a successful off season competition. Like Cory said poll the teams to see if they are willing to go. After you see you have enough team support before going any were else make sure to get the accommodations and the place to play and reserve the field. Try to get the entrance fee as low as possible because by the end of the Season everyone doesn’t have much money left. If you are really seriously thinking about starting one you need to start now because it takes a couple of months to get everything in order and you will need people that are dedicated just to the off season competition and putting it together

Build it and they will come.

Start small.

Set and agenda and stick to it.

If you are changing (loosening, adding, etc) game rules, let teams know ahead of time, otherwise run the competition strictly (refs make tough calls, etc.).

Get veteran teams to attend, and thank them for their support. If they are happy, they will return each year and tell other teams how your event is operated.

Andy B.

IRI: founder (2000), event host (2000-2001), head referee (2000, 2002-2004), event co-host (2002-2004)

If there is interest enough for a mini, and all the funding and school support is positive, plan it for a time in which there aren’t any other mini’s. I know that there are a lot of minis here in the northeast and schedules can be tight.

Documents on the 2004 Indiana RObotics Invitational can be found in the white papers section.

Look in ‘misc’ for:

2004 IRI Description and details, dated 5-10-2004

2004 IRI Supplement 1, dated 6-8-2004

2004 IRI Supplement 2, dated 6-20-2004

The IRI is the absolute best* out of season tournament

  • the absolute best out of season tournament held in Indianapolis during July :wink: