How to i get it unstuck

Context? What exactly is this and what were you doing to get it to this situation?

From what I can see, it appears to be a screwdriver with bit storage, in which case a pair of tweezers and some time should be able to unlodge one of them.

Try percussive maintenance.


Not that I’d for sure recommend any of these methods but… yes more context could help. What is that? which portion needs to become unstuck?


It a screw drive with multiple screw bit, the bits are Hex and lined up perfectly to get stuck at the top, i tried a hammer but, it stayed stuck and just went in further.

If you have a pair of needlenose pliers or tweezers, it looks like that could work?

I unfortunately dont have either at my house

Are the bits magnetic? If so, maybe you could use a strong magnet?

You could get behind them with a hook fabricated from a clothes hanger and bent into the shape of a hook using a pair of needle nose pliers…

Oh wait, you can’t do that. Kinda need some pliers.

If you had a pair of needle nose pliers, you could just pull them out.

Sounds like you need a pair needle nose pliers.


if you dont mind making a mess, some 5940 might get it out. but you really should just get a pair of needle nose pliers for at home.


I thought I was getting rick rolled, nope just bread…

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How about regular pliers? Bench vise?
Straighten a wire coat hanger. Make a small 90° bend at the tip such that it fits into the gap between the stuck bits. Insert said straightened hanger with bend into the gap. Turn slightly and pull out a stuck bit.

Have a “Swiss Army” knife? There is a notch in the large flat bladed screwdriver, near the base of the bottle opener section. Use that to bend the end of the coat hanger.

Super glue a small weight to the end of of a fishing line, or 3 lengths of dental floss braided together to form a stronger length of cord.
Drop the glued weight into the gap. Invert the whole thing and get the weight to fall out of another gap. -you should now have a cord looped around/under a stuck bit. Pull out the bit.

I see cords in the background of the photo. Cut up one of those to use as your cord.


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Great minds…
I’m just a few minutes late to your party!

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Superglue another bit, or something equally flat ended and strong, to the end of a stuck bit. Clamp it between two of your mom’s frying pans. Perhaps somebody could stand on it for more clamping pressure. Pull out the stuck bit.

Wow! I love this!

The bread, grease, etc would come out of the other gaps. So fill those with epoxy first! LOL!

Use the claw of the claw hammer to manipulate the clothes hanger wire to make a hook.

If the bits are steel, and the surround is aluminum, you might try heating the whole thing up some (maybe in an oven). The aluminum should expand more than the steel…

Nothing more useful than bread I’ll try this thanks

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I am also learning that my home work area is under supplied


Then put the whole tool in your freezer. When at lowest temperature take it out and quickly heat the shell. Pull out the stuck bits before the insides get warm.

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 12.13.10 AM