How to import drawings into CAD

I was wondering how to import pictures into CAD (preferably into a 3-D part in solidworks, later converted into DXF) so that I can do cut outs like the one below. Our waterjet sponsor will do this for us, but I do not know how to give him the files necessary. If anybody knows of a good tutorial, that would be great!

Here is an example of what I am looking to end up with eventually:

Thanks!!! :smiley:


I take it you use Solidworks. Which files do you want to import in? .STEP, .IGES, etc?

All you normally have to do is drag and drop the file into Solidworks, it will auto spit out a Solidworks file. From there you go to sheet metal if you are using 2009 and turn the part into a sheet part. From there you can go -> file -> save as -> dxf.

If you are using 2010 then you don’t have to turn it into sheet.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or IM me.


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do you mean you want to take like a drawing made by hand and scan it into the program?