How to Import

Hey I was on AndyMark and I was trying to get the drawings for one of the wheels. When I clicked it it opened up a new tab full of code. Now I was wondering how I would import that code into AutoCAD. :ahh:

You need to right click on the link and click save as or something like that because your web browser is opening the STEP file as code.

Then assuming when you say Autocad you mean Autocad Inventor then you just need to go file> open and on the drop down under file name that should say something like autodesk files change that to STEP files and then browse to where ever you saved the STEP file and then click open and there should be the model and then save it in inventor and you should be good to go.

If you are using AutoCAD (not Inventor), the command “STEPIN” will allow you to import the STEP file.

…if you are using AutoCAD, only the AutoCAD based on AutoCAD Mechanical that comes with AutoCAD Inventor - has the STEPIN translator. I think I would simply open in Inventor.