How to Impress FIRST Girls

Thought you all might enjoy this…

How to Impress FIRST Girls

very funny. And some of that might even work!

Dem pickup lines… Glorious

“Dang girl did the Cheesy Poofs build you, cuz you look perfect”
“The way you talk to those judges, you’re my engineering inspiration”
“On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d rate you a 67”
“Like one of Dean Kamen’s speeches, we could go all night long… making robots (what else would we do?)”
“I’ve been scouting you out, and I think we’d make great alliance partners”

Or if they’re already impressed, they’ll walk right up to you in the middle of a match that you’re scouting (while you’re holding a giant-$@#$@#$@# laptop), and just start talking with you

Just showed this to my girlfriend (who is also involved in FIRST) and agrees with me that it is pretty accurate haha

If anyone tries any of this, please let me know how it turned out haha