How to install FRC Radio Utility and FRC Game Tools for MacOS

Hello, I am following the software installation guide found here and the issue is that when I click the download links I end up getting an exe file. I’d preferably not want to use a virtual machine to code my robot so I was wondering if there is anywhere where I can install a macOS build for them.

To clarify, all I need from it is the driver’s station.

The official Driver Station is WinOS only, so for organized competitions you will need to use WinOS in some form.
“The primary supported OS for FRC components is Windows. All required FRC software components have been tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10.” (Software Component Overview — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation )

For casual at-home use only, there have been some community developed Driver Stations that might work. But you’d have to hunt those down.

You can use whatever OS you want to write code. WPILib has installers for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and tbh you don’t need the installer for everything.

Controlling your robot can only be done on Windows, though as mentioned there are unofficial driver station programs that work on other OSs (one example is @Redrield’s Conductor).

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