How to install Java on Classmate

Does anyone know where we should download the stuff we need for Java developement? I could download the JDK and Netbeans from the Netbeans site, but I haven’t a clue where to get SunSpot.

I’m assuming the image to reimage the cRio is included somehow in that stuff? Right now when we try to reimage, the Imaging Tool says it can’t find any images.

Also, like I said in another post, we have well under a gig of space left on the Classmate hard drive. The restore key seems to have created a 5.4 gig recovery partition. I’m concerned we won’t have enough space to install the necessary stuff.

First install that JDK + NetBeans bundle. Once NetBeans is installed, then in NetBeans go to Tools > Plugins. Go to the Settings tab, click on Add, and for the name make it something intuitive like “FRC Java”. Use the following URL:

Click OK, and then go to the Available Plugins tab. Check the five FRC plugins and press Install. Follow the prompts and after you restart NetBeans, voila.

If you give me your email, I’ll give you a link to my drop box and my video walkthrough to getting set up with Java in 2011