How to integrate a jetson nano into a robot

And can someone tell me how to build an app fast and easy? Thank you

This is really vague. What do you mean by “integrate” it into the robot? Vision?
And also, building apps in what language, to do what?

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Creating an app for scouting is a lot of effort. If there aren’t certain features to using an electronic scouting system that your team absolutely needs that aren’t in a scouting / database app already out there, I recommend sticking with paper & pencil or using an app made by someone else. For more information on the drawbacks and advantages of creating and using scouting apps, check out this thread.

As for using a Jetson for something like object avoidance, I’m not completely sure how that would work, but if you’re especially keen on using it that way, I hope you find someone who does because it sounds extremely difficult, and seems like uncharted waters from what I can see. If you’re a novice or not completely comfortable with programming, I don’t recommend trying to take that on immediately.

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Replace “cheap” with “easy” and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’re walking into by creating your own app.


For the scouting, you can use an app called Form Maker that runs on an all IOS devices. It’s a straight forward app that enables you to create an electronic form. The data can be exported in .csv format to use in a spreadsheet for analysis. No programming required.

Note this is one product within a category of electronic form apps. You can likely find this type of app for whatever type of device your team wants to use. For example, you could use Google Forms to create a form that could be used on almost any device.

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I think it is pretty typically with co-processors to send target data out over network tables, then you can use those values in the code on the RIO. The sophistication can be from just getting a camera target value with everything else done on the RIO to practically doing everything off-RIO (between the co-processor and smart motor controllers).

Getting ntcore going, maybe this is relevant: Problems compiling Networktables library on Jetson TX2

We really can’t answer about scouting apps, because it often comes down to how comfortable a team is coding and using it and what resources they have. I would first look at what you have. Do you need to support both Android and Apple? How are you analyzing data, in what software? Can you get reliable internet (via LTE or event wifi)? And more. You have to build something that is simple and practical for your team. Answering some of these questions has led metwice to AppSheet, which is an AppBuilder connected to Google Sheets. But this also has flaws, and may not meet your needs or goals. Until you have a plan, don’t bother with an app.

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