How to integrate a LVM file

Hi all, I want to process a signal from an LVM file but every time that I do the simulation with the integrated block I dont know, why is it showing me a linear function.

I dont know what am i do wrong, can you help me

@Emil45, can you share the code you’re using? Either attaching a snippet or the VI/project.

I am unsure which integrated block you’re referring to, but I presume it’s a Read Measurement File function. Might be worth checking out the specifics of that function here: Read From Measurement File Express VI

I recommend exploring the option to use a CSV (comma separated value) whenever reading or writing an array of points, since it’s both human-readable and has dedicated functions in LabVIEW:

Unfurtunatly i am new user I cannot upload files, but here is the link to the files.

I am suposing that the signal is from an spirometer in wich i obtained the flow rate as the dependent variable of the time.

To obtain the volume the theory sais that i need to integrate the flow rate signal, but, every time that i do that, it appears me as a linear function

Hi @Emil45, this is a forum for the FIRST Robotics competition. Since you mention a spirometer, I’m guessing your question is not related to the FIRST Robotics competition. While there may be some people who use LabVIEW in a non-FRC environment who may be able to help, you will likely get better help in a different venue.

I agree with Joe, and also see you already submitted the question to the NI forums. I suggest continuing the conversation there: