How to learn and downlowd for team FRC Autodesk Inventor 3ds Max

I am intresting How to learn and downlowd for team FRC Autodesk Inventor 3ds Max,
for the FRC 2011

You should be able to register here, and then download any of the Autodesk Software, including 3ds Max.

thanks i have downlhoded it however i only have it for 30 days and really not sure how to activate it for my FRC team…
i would be grateful for good tutorial links… for biggners

All teams registered for the 2010 season should have received a link via email for the download of 1-year licenses. These links are unique for each team. We received ours on 28-Oct-2009. Speak with your team’s TIMS contact.

After you download the product, I do believe there is an option for tutorials as well. I learned Inventor via those tutorials and while they’re not the best, they lay down a solid foundation.

He is asking for a tutorial on how to validate the license for Inventor. What year of Inventor are you running?

there should be a serial which you can use on the same page as the download link

thank you
but I found some nice vidio for learning 3dMax
I use 3ds Max 2011. I think there is some renew during summer
I recived this answer “Thank you for your feedback! Attached is a copy of your submission. If your submission requires a response, we will respond as soon as possible. We appreciate your input!”