How to link SVN FIRSTForge database to Netbeans?

The title says it all! How do you guys link the SVN database (like the CANJaguar and WPILib Projects) to Netbeans? Thanks guys!

This might help:

The CANJaguar project is pretty much defunct at this point since the CAN Jaguar support is now officially included in WPILib. The code on the CAN Jaguar FIRST Forge project is obsolete and does not have support for all of the features that v92 of the Jaguar firmware supports. I recommend against continuing to use it.

As for the WPILib project on FIRST Forge, the Java code is not currently on the SVN server. This is due to some incompatibilities with the build process and the FIRST Forge SVN server. As soon as the build process is improved, we will move WPILib for Java to the FIRST Forge project.

As a result of these two facts, it seems that at least for the 2 projects you referenced, there is no need to integrate SVN into Net Beans.