How to list parts that were donated in the CAW?

One of our sponsors produced several sheet metal parts for us this year. They supplied the metal as well, so we paid nothing for it. How would I list this in the CAW?


Example 2: A Team receives a donated sensor. The company would
normally sell this item for $52 USD, which is therefore its fair market

Example 5: A Team purchases steel bar stock for $10 USD and has
it machined by a local machine shop that is a recognized Sponsor of
the Team. If the machinists are considered members of the Team, their
labor costs do not apply. The total applicable cost for the part would
be $10 USD.

Based on this I would assume that I would just find a cost for the material used and nothing else. Is this correct?

Correct. Since they are a sponsor, services rendered don’t go on, just raw material cost.

Alright, thanks. Also, do electronics need to go on as well?

Any non-KOP electronics you might have need to be there. It might be a good idea to list the KOP ones too if you have time, for completeness.