How to Log Message to FRC DB?

Can someone please provide an example to log a message (error or otherwise) from a VI to FRC Dashboard?

FRC 5190

The errors that occur on the robot and are not explicitly handled will automatically be logged and displayed in the messages tab of the DS. They are sent to the Dashboard, but not displayed by default. If you want to customize the dashboard, I could help find the right data to pull out.

Also, for afterwards, you can see the errors by opening the log files in the log file viewer. Click on the gear above the messages and Open in the log file viewer. You can view on the graph or click to the list of messages. The filter at the top initially hides some stuff and you can choose how much info to show.

Finally, there is also a console built into the DS this year, and it displays only errors and warnings and textual stuff in a bigger window.

Greg McKaskle

I haven’t tried it, but I expect WPI->Utilities->SendMessageToConsole will work for things that aren’t unhandled errors.

Yep. That VI will send text to the console, log file, and driver station message box. Just in case someone is accustomed to debugging via print statements, let me just say that there are much better ways to debug in LV and most modern environments. So it is there for your use … but use sparingly, such as for exceptional things that need to be logged.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks for your replies. I wanted to publish some perfromance & timing data that goes to a Log File on the Roborio OR Driver Station. This is my first year Labview and I am looking for Unix Syslog equivalent. :slight_smile:

If you want to use it on the roboRIO, look at the SystemExec node where you can execute any command you like, such as logger. Later, use ssh to view.

Greg McKaskle