How To Make Chain With Inventor 10

Can anyone tell me how you would go about making a chian in inventer 10 so that it can be constrained from and andymark transmission to a IFI wheel sprocket.
With the design accelerator that you can Calculate chain gearings with sprocket and roller chains, and provide a complete design of em. The program includes two calculation methods: design calculation and strength calculation. The design calculation carries out a design of a chain based on user-defined gearing properties. The strength calculation performs a strength check of the selected chain type.
But we havent managed to render a chain drawing.
Any valuable insights on how we should do this would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Team 177

I dont’ know about Inventor 10 but I know there are some threads from the end of last year that discussed how to make and constrain a non moving chain with 9 or below.

How did you manage to make the chain? Do you know how?

We downloaded the chain from cbliss (I think) and we made constraints arounded an extruded part that went exactly where we wanted the chain to go. It a long and tedious process, we had to use trigonometry. There’s going to be an overlab in chain, that’s fine leave it. Like Jason said, we had a thread earlier that discussed this.

But Inventor 10 changed all that. :smiley:

The cbliss part doesn’t work in R10

How exactly did you change that?

It should, I never had a problem with it.

If you haven’t used it before, most likely the problem is that you haven’t moved the end of part marker to the bottom of the model browser. See Charlies FAQ for what that means and why.