how to make dual gearbox

We need to find a way to put 2 BAG motors onto a single gearbox to create motor with a lot of torque. Is there a way we can make that?

Be sure to pick the gear ratio on your VersaPlanetary correctly to give you your desired torque/RPM.

That probably depends on what type of gearbox you are planning to use. If it’s a planetary gearbox, it’s kind of difficult. If it’s a spur gear type then it’s a little easier, but making a gearbox of any kind takes some precision work.

It might be helpful for you to post some pictures of what it is you’re trying to make turn, and give some specifications about how much torque you need, and what speed it has to turn at. Without these details, it’s pretty hard to for us to know how to help you.

yeah we don’t have time to buy one, is there a way to make it ourselves?

Making gearboxes is very difficult without precision machining equipment, and even with precision machining equipment it is time-consuming. What do you have on hand in the way of gears? It’s worth noting that you’re probably going to need some sort of multi-stage gearbox to get a BAG motor to a reasonable output speed, and those are necessarily more difficult to make than single-stage gearboxes.

You might be best off designing for a COTS product that you know you won’t receive in time, and then mounting it on practice day (or during your allotted out-of-bag time if you’re in a district system).

If you have a mill, and tell me your specs, and go with a CIM or Minicim I can whip up a quick gearbox CAD for you if you don’t know how to design one or don’t have time to learn.
I would just bag what you can and just buy a COTS product. Design everything you can and get some driver practice in.
If you can use 1 cim instead, it’s easier than bags, as the bags are tricky to mount to traditional frc gears.

Keep in mind that COTS(consumer off the shelf) products do not count towards your withholding allowance, so if you can complete the rest of your system without this, you can order one now and have it in for your first event. The rules also state this year that you are allowed an unlimited number of miniCIMs, so if you need more torque, you use a miniCIM instead of pairing bag motors, or at least sub it in so you can test code and have something working.

It really depends on what you have on hand though. If you have no time to order anything at all, being able to make your own transmissions is not likely.

If you have to ask this question this broadly on CD, the answer is absolutely to find a COTS solution.

Even if it were 48 hours after game reveal, but especially with about 48 hours left until stop build!

You can make a reduction drive with sprockets and chains or pulleys and toothed belts too. Easy to put two motors on it.