How to make gears not fall off

Either more Loctite (I recommend orange or red for something that has repeatedly fallen off), or replace the shafts with slightly longer ones and use a HD shaft collar.

I learned that lock washers don’t work at a previous job designing flight simulators. Especially in high vibration environments they are not good. Locking helicoils are a great option too and will help protect the threads on the (what I assume are) aluminum shafts. @Hunter_Morgan switching to steel or stainless steel shafts could help as well if you have the weight to work with.

The nord lock / wedge lock washers are 100% overkill for the application. We’ve used them on 708 a few times in the past and didn’t really need to.
Blue loctite is probably the best/easiest way to go, just make sure to check them periodically.

Somewhat related, what gear ration and size wheels are you using? 8 Neos is probably more power than you can actually get to the ground with the mecanum wheels.

You should use a torque wrench to tighted the gears on. Make sure to get them to spec.

Wow, I totally missed that too. You’re right, of course, their mecanum wheels are incorrectly installed. @Hunter_Morgan here is a quick diagram of properly installed mecanums. Note that the rollers all point in toward the center of the robot, forming the X that @IndySam is referring to.


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