How to make LEDs go into the robo rio

We want our LEDs to go into the slot that will give us the most power and brightness what port and how would we connect them to that said port

What type of LEDs are you running. The rio will power a limited number of 6V off of the PWM rail, but if they are 12V you will need to use a different method.

ALITOVE WS2812B Individually Addressable LED Strip Light 5050 RGB 16.4ft 300 LED Pixel Flexible Lamp Tube Waterproof IP67 Black PCB DC 5V 5v I’m pretty sure

I would only recommend hooking up a small amount of LED’s directly to the Rio.

I think the maximum output current is 2.2A.

If you look at the details of your LEDs it states 0.2W/LED. The full strip is 300 LED’s. So if you do the math at full brightness you could pull 0.2*300 = 60W. And if we look at the current required it is

Current = Watts/Volts so

60W/5V = 12A.

So you need to find a power source that can provide about 12A worth current with a 5V output if you want to power the full string.

The Rio itself could likely do 30 LED’s without issue. 1.2A leaving you with a little safety factor.

We used something like this to power and just used the signal pin on the rio to adjust the colors. DC 12v 24v to 5v Step Down Converter, DC Voltage Reducer (Accept DC 8-40V Inputs) 15A 75W with Fuse Waterproof, DC to DC Buck Converter for Car Electronics Truck Vehicle Boat Solar System Golf Cart : Electronics

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Is there any way else to power them besides the reo

You can use the voltage regulator or something similar to what I linked above can be used to power them. You will need something to send a signal to make them work. The Rio is the easiest to do the signal with the built in LED libraries that WPILib has, but it can also be done with other microcontrollers (arduino…)

These MAY be options if you want it separate…I am not sure. There are probably more options out there…I haven’t looked.