How to make shortcut to VSCode?


I downloaded VSCode but I cannot access the programming platform itself, just the FRC shuffleboard and the FRC Smart Dashboard. How do I reach the programming platform to start coding on.


It is also worth noting that I downloaded each of the packs available.


What do you mean by the programming platform?

VS Code is used with the WPILib extensions to replace Eclipse this year.



This is all that downloaded, I need the 2019 platform as well to be downloaded. I saw in the tutorial that I should have put frc2019 into the console, however I missed this after I downloaded. How do I reaccess the console.


Can you link the tutorial you’re following here?


If you only have those 2 icons, you forgot to follow the steps where you click the download vscode button in the installer. So you didn’t end up actually installing vscode. Rerun the installer, making sure to follow the directions on screensteps when it tells you to download vscode.

This is the tutorial that I utilized, I used the windows path specifically


I tried this, but it wouldn’t let me click the box for VSCode.


It wouldn’t let you check the box because you needed to click the button on the right to actually download vscode. The download vscode section in screensteps says to do this, rerun the installer, click the button, download vscode, and then it will install vscode. The screensteps instructions say to do this.


I think I figured it out, installing VSCode now, thanks.


What OS are you running? If windows, you should just be able to find it under VS Code under start. Or open a command prompt and just “code” that should open it up.



This doesn’t work with our installer setup. That installs it’s own copy of vscode, and you have to start it from cmd with frccode2019. The issue above was the step to actually install vscode from the installer was missed.