How to make two different solenoids in your program

We are using two separate solenoids and we need to separate between the two

Can you share your code? What have you tried? In what way isn’t it working (throwing exceptions, doing nothing when it should be doing something, etc)? Or are you just getting started and not sure where to begin?

Getting started and don’t know we’re being we have one

Are you using TimedRobot or Command-based for your project?

In general, if you nerd to control multiple solenoid objects, then just create multiple Solenoid (or DoubleSolenoid) objects in code (in a 1 to 1 manner compared to hardware). Then you can interact with those objects to set their state. Where you put them and how you interact with them will depend on a number of factors which is why I initially asked if you could share your code.

More specifics can be found in the docs here: Operating pneumatic cylinders — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

I have it right know as having two double solenoid = new Double solenoid then telling it the ports will that work and I can’t share the code at this time since we use a school locked laptop

Without seeing actual code, we can’t say for certain.

If youre using DoubleSolenoids (2 pairs of signal wires from each device coming back to your PCM/PH), then yes, using a DoubleSolenoid object and giving it the 2 port numbers should work.

Your team will definitely need its own laptop that’s not managed by your school for competitions. The Driver Station software, which is what you use to enable and control the robot, requires administrator access to run. On top of that, if you have problems at a competition, the FTA (FIRST Technical Advisor) will likely not be able to help you if you don’t have admin access to the computer you’re using.

So you are passing in the correct ports right? And what is the problem with them, are they throwing errors, not throwing errors but not receiving any commands, activating but incorrectly, etc?

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