How to max out your torque!

Adam and I were talking via AIM a little while ago, and we figured out how to completely max out torque on the robot.

“Adam”(11:47:41 PM): drove arm today
“Adam”(11:47:51 PM): never realised how slow 3 seconds for 90 degrees is
“Adam”(11:47:53 PM): its not bad
“Adam”(11:48:12 PM): its just scary, its like, I’ve got 3 motors on me and im still moving this slow, guess how much torque i have
“Adam”(11:48:24 PM): “I HAVE ENOUGH TO KILL YOU”
“Adam”(11:52:27 PM): i bet your lift isn’t like that

“Jason”(11:55:09 PM): our lift doesn’t move
“Jason”(11:55:21 PM): infinite torque!!!

“Adam”(11:55:37 PM): no…

“Jason”(11:55:49 PM): yes
“Jason”(11:55:57 PM): dispersed over infinite time
“Jason”(11:56:14 PM): we win

“Adam”(11:56:31 PM): in that case
“Adam”(11:56:34 PM): turn our robot off
“Adam”(11:56:36 PM): and its a tie

“Jason”(11:56:44 PM): hmmm
“Jason”(11:56:51 PM): i’m okay with that
“Jason”(11:57:07 PM): you ought to compete with battery off
“Jason”(11:57:11 PM): to max torque