How to measure the robot weight?



is there any way to measure the weight using the digital body weight? how to do it? thanks in advance.


Are you having trouble because the base of your robot is bigger than the scale? Can you just lay some 2X4s across the scale then set the robot on those?


If you do this remember to zero the scale with these 2x4’s on top otherwise your robot will seem heavier then it actually is.


My team has one of these:

It was fairly easy to build a platform on top of it to properly support the robot, and having the readout on a cord makes it easy to see how much it weighs - a robot will cover up the readout on a normal bathroom scale!

We’ve also had luck in the past with extremely cheap bathroom scales. Using two of them, we placed a 2x4 on each one (then zero the scale, or write down how much each 2x4 weighs!), then balanced the robot between them. This let us hang the readout in front/behind the robot on each scale. It also can help to determine where your center of gravity is. Using 4 of them, one for each corner wheel, can help with that even more!


We normally go into the locker rooms at our school and have someone hold it while they are on the scale then subtract their weight.


Our ag department has some large scales for livestock that we typically use


We usually borrow our wrestling team’s scale to weigh our robot or parts. If the object we are trying to weigh doesn’t fit on the scale, we either put a plywood base on and zero the scale or have someone hold onto the part and subtract their weight out.


Thanks a lot, I order a scale from Amazon just now. the link is