how to modify live axle wheels to make them dead

We’re interested in converting wheels with bearings to use as driven wheels with a hex shaft a la andymark. Anyone done this before, or have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Ya, my team is doing it this year. you need to get a AM wheel that is already hexed. we are using 6" performance wheels. if you have a wheel that is designed for a dead shaft there is no way to convert the wheel to a live axle. (at least to my knowledge.)

AM keyed or broached hubs. same bc as sprockets, wheels etc. or make you own plug that is keyed/broached.

This very topic came up in our team’s discussion today. If you don’t want to splurge on hundreds of dollars of wheels, and have the means, it may be possible to place an hex bore insert where the bearing belongs, mounting on the six mounting holes usually used for the sprocket. This was only conceptualized and not practiced.

I’m thinking broached inserts too, but where to get them? A machine shop is probably not on our agenda this week. We already have AM hex wheels, but pneumatic may be the best wheel this year.

No need to make your own; per an earlier post:

Check the hub page at Andymark:

BTW, strictly speaking: You’re modifying dead-axle wheels to make them live-axle, not (as the title says) live-axle wheels to make them dead-axle. The procedure to do the latter involves a drill bit and bearings and possibly shims to help hold the bearing in.

If you shoot it with a gun, will it be dead then? :rolleyes:

It was never alive.

Thanks everyone for the input. Our wheels ARE alive, though. And hungry.