How to mount mecanum wheels

this is our first time using these and are prototyping at the moment. we are using banebot transmissions and have the hubs from andymark. what would be the best way to mount these

One great thing about mecanum wheels is that they are usually mounted just like a regular wheel. You just need a way to power each of them independently.

the hub mounts to one half of the wheel so do i need to come up with a way for a bearing to be put in on the other side. and how do i keep thewheel from sliding around on the output shaft. (direct mount to the gearbox)

This video shows our mecanum robot rolling around with AM Mecanums and BB trannies. Unfortunately, I don’t have a close-up of the wheels mounts.

Basically we turned our own hub, and cut a keyway to match the shaft on the BB tranny shaft. We mounted the BB tranny to the frame, and built an outboard bearing block to support the outboard end of the axle. The mecanum wheel was bolted to the hub, slipped on to the axle, a set screw was tightened to hold it in place, then the outboard bearing block was placed on the end of the axle and the whole assembly was put in place and bolted to the frame.


Hi Sam,
The 2106 prototype picture you posted on asking for code is run on the same setup you have. We tried running in one AM hub on each wheel and noticed they were VERY unstable. We bought 4 more and have 2 hubs, one on each side, on each wheel. We used the 9:1 standard shaft (If we use this for 2009 i think we’ll go with the ‘long’ shaft) BB’s on a Kit-frame. We used a 2.5" block bearing to support the end of each shaft. It works pretty darned well. The speed is decent and the agility is excellent.

thanks that helped a lot. i think we will just order 4 more hubs. and drill and tap a spot for set screws in those. and we also are using the 9:1 banebots. its nice to know we will be able to move this year.

we didn’t put set screws in ours. I think we just set them on the axle and let the near side provide the power to the wheels. I’ll take a few closeup of the wheels and hubs tomorrow and let you see what we’ve done.

This is our first time with Mechanum. Maybe, some folks with more experience can chime in?