How to obtain an official playing field?

I was just curious how you could obtain a field for an offseason event from FIRST, and how much it would cost. We have a venue that it could be played at and we may or may not do it, I was just wondering if anyone knew the method of getting one.

Contact AndyMark.

Are you in contact with nearby teams that have run off season events?

No, not recently, this was just a simple idea I had in my head and I was curious the logistics and possibility of it becoming real. Could they possibly help me with this?

Check with your district organization. They might be able to loan out theirs.

They’ll give the field elements to teams after the last local event of the season, as all new fields and elements are used at CMP. However, this probably does not include the FMS or any part of the electronics systems. I think AndyMark rents just the FMS and electronics, though.

Check with your local RD or RPC. I know here in MN, we have a “forward deployed field” stored in a 3M warehouse that gets used for all of our summer/fall events. In our case, the chairman of the RPC is the guy that “controls” access to it, meaning teams need to contact him and arrange for pickup and drop off appropriately.

And this year bring 2 26 foot trucks because it no longer fits in one. It’s going to be interesting working out the logistics for brining that to Duluth in July.

I think I can take two rock walls and a rough terrain inside my Outback, and a portcullis on the roof. God forbid I’m in an accident, though.

On the OT, there are resources available. Talking to a nearby team that has run an offseason will help you find out a) what is available and b) what is needed.

Sounds like a well armoured/protected vehicle. Be careful you don’t take Oshkosh’s contract, 2826 wouldn’t be happy:)

And don’t get pulled over. That’s gonna be hard to explain.

I have a portcullis carry permit, so no worries.

You would have to contact Carol Scully at this email; Bear in mind of the other events already scheduled here in NE. This is an AndyMark field. The Warehouse for NE FIRST is just down the street in Bloomfield on Woodland St. An AndyMark field is around $10,000 (new), plus the field-specific game pieces. The rent cost is a couple of hundred dollars. You can contact Carol for specific prices. There is more to it than just renting a field. If you want more detail, send me an IM here on CD.

Actually the AM basic field perimeter list price is $21,500 with cases.