How to Open 118 CAD File?

So I have a simple question: Is it possible to open the 300+ MB CAD file that 118 distributed of their 2013 robot? (Here is the link:

All the computers I have used at the labs at George Washington University have literally crashed or timed out for taking too long to open the file. ie, these are computers with 16 GB of RAM and 3.4GHz. So what sort of crazy computer do I need to open it or does anyone have a compressed version of the file?

Any help would really be appreciated.

Looks more like 30MB to me…

EDIT: nevermind.

First off, what cad software are you using? At our school we use inventor with an Intel I5 and 4gigs of RAM. It takes a couple minutes to open up its very large. You should download a .stp file if you aren’t using solid works(that’s what they made it in) if you do, it should work.

I was able to open it on my laptop with 16GB RAM and a 3.2GHz i7 in Inventor. It did take awhile. I opened task manager and looked at my RAM usage. It climbed up to where Inventor alone was using >7GB, and then dropped off after it opened.

I opened it up pretty easily in both inventor 2013 solidworks at home on a pretty crappy computer. Try opening it in a different CAD program. In order to really look at the model, you will need to look at individual assemblies, not the whole thing at once.

Opened it up no problem in Creo with an i5 (no OC) and 8GB of RAM.

It took me a mighty long time for the file to open with computer specs lower than the ones you talked about. I have 12GB of RAM and my computer is telling me that Inventor is using 3.2 of the 8.0 in use.

As a side note the new Inventor is looking good. I haven’t had time to play with it but I will have a chance soon.

I must not be using the right program. I’ll have to look into it more but I think it was Pro-E.

Update: Finally was able to open it in Pro-E after waiting 22 minutes. I guess I was too impatient because the program would say “not responding” and look like it had stopped loading the file but my patience was somehow able to hold out! (though I’m sure 22 minutes is really nothing compared to most people)

Here are the results:

It’s like a dream come true!