How to organize our team? (By dividing it into sub-teams)

2007 was our rookie year and we had a decent start.
I was wondering if anyone has links or documents containing information on how to organize our team by basically dividing it into teams and sub-teams (Build team, Admin. team, Controls team,etc).
We were pretty unorganized this year;people would be working on the circuit board and five minutes later they would be working on something completely different.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Here is the way that Team RUSH was organized for the 2008 season

Here is a really helpful site

Depends on the size of your team really. Coming from a Rush Alum, their org scheme works well if you have a large team. If you have a small team like 397 we didn’t break into subteams. If you had a free hand you were fair game. I think this really pushed our students (and mentors) outside their comfort zones. At one point we had a student whose specialty was programming and myself (same specialty) removing the transmissions from our robot.

My point is, sub teams are great, if you have the numbers of students to make it work. But I should add a warning, students don’t always know what they want to do. Their first year they should not be locked down to one subteam, they should probably float around to others.

If you do organize formally into subteams, you need a designated leader for that team. The leader doesn’t have to be a mentor but must be experienced. Also, one person needs to be coordinate all the subteams - what if the electrical team wants to work on the half-finished bot at the same time that the arm team wants to put on the arm? Who decides? MOE has semi-regular meetings with the subteam leaders to track progress and create a schedule of work.

Thanks everyone for the info and for the links :D.

btw, the MOE pit is one the most amazing things ive encountered in