How to pack for regionals

How to make a packing list for FRC events:

Luke U Team 2530

  1. Baseline T-26 Days

The first step we used in making the packing list we used in 2024 was to simply copy over last year’s list and cut things we were absolutely sure were NOT needed for this year’s robot or competition. Then it is important to restructure the list in a way that works for you or the packing lead and is also easy to use by team members.


  • [image]Pages are numbered
  • [image]There is a version # and date
  • [image]There are sections for different needs
    • [image]Ex. (Stays on the bus, Goes in stands, Goes to the hotel, Goes in car, etc.)
  • [image]List is ordered the way you organize things in the shop to streamline the packing process
    • [image]Ex. (Separate Categories for Separate Bins, If a spool of wire goes in the spare parts bin don’t put it under electronics)
  • [image]Unnecessary items are removed
  1. Addmomageddon T-(5-25) Days

This is the longest part of the process. You will need to find a way that many people can submit things they need packed quickly. Emphasis on quickly, if it doesn’t work well, or takes a minute to do people will not use it and things will be left. In 2024 we used a QR code leading to a google form linked to a spreadsheet. We included (all optional per user) your name and what you want. It linked to a spreadsheet where we could read all requests and make notes on them for our use.


  • [image]Everybody is aware of the list, who makes it, and where to submit items.
  • [image]People like the system used to submit items.
  • [image]You harass important people (however busy) to go check the list/ their relevant sections.
  • [image]Give progress on the way of checking the list if possible so people know about needs for having a successful list and gain trust towards that list
  1. The checkinating T-(1-7) Days

Tell everyone that the list is complete and they must talk to YOU SPECIFICALLY to add anything to the list. Did I mention only you can change the list directly? (Keeps the gremlins out) Check your list, like 10 times. Print it, give it to people, have them write on the printed copy, and then update the list. Finally, Check it with leads, coaches, your dog, people in charge of logistics, people who load the truck, and everyone else.


  • [image]You checked it
  • [image]Everyone Checked it
    • [image]Coaches (ALL OF THEM)
    • [image]Leads (ALL OF THEM)
  • [image]You checked it
  1. The Pack Rat and You, a letter to all the stuff you don’t need T-(2-3) Days

We like stuff. But there is only so much stuff you can stuff into stuff. Now think… what do we not need to bring outright and if we can’t fit everything? What is left behind? Why do we have that there? Ask.

  1. Almost there (The pre-packing packing) T-2 Days

Packing night can get long unless you do a little prep before the “wave”. Here is a list to make sure you are ready.


  • [image]Make copies of the most current version of list
  • [image]Make a MASTER COPY (Your new best friend) and don’t let anyone touch it
  • [image]Push people to prepare individual bins as much as possible and clean the shop up
  • [image]Make a “Packing Zone” where everything you take to competition will be, and everything you leave at home will not be.
  • [image]Label your stuff with your team number (Smart)
  1. The “wave” T-1 Day

Now we can start getting everything packed. Things will start off slow and then what I call the “wave” will hit. People will tend to not want to transition from working to packing but gradually as others begin packing and all the stuff they are using gets packed away they will join the packing effort and it will cascade into the “wave”. This rate is pretty much based on the speed and intensity at which you delegate tasks. At this time go through every item on the list and BAN removal of items from the packing zone without talking to YOU SPECIFICALLY. Then after all is checked and good you can stage items for your competition. Be sure to hold the master copy tight, delegate, do preliminary checks of the big things, and do a final check once all is assembled.

Finally pack a good attitude, 5+ (hopefully 8) hours of sleep, a full stomach, and Storm the Castle!