How to play the most matches in 2022

I was curious if you could take a big road air trip around to get the most matches possible in 2022. I found out how.

  1. Compete at PNW Clackamas (~36 teams) from March 3rd to March 5th.
  2. March 5th, 11:45pm flight (B6 1206) to NYC (JFK), arriving March 6th at 7:49am.
  3. Transfer from JFK to Newark (EWR).
  4. 1:15pm flight (LY 28) from EWR to Tel Aviv (TLV), arriving March 7th at 6:35am.
  5. Compete at ISR District Event #1 (~36 teams) from March 7th to March 9th.
  6. March 10th, 9:50am flight (TK 785) from TLV to Istanbul (IST), arriving at 1:10pm.
  7. March 10th, 2:30pm flight (TK 33) from IST to Houston (IAH), arriving at 7:00pm.
  8. Compete at FIT Channelview (~36 teams) from March 11th to March 13th.
  9. March 13th, 7:51pm flight (UA 1673) from IAH to Denver (DEN), arriving at 9:23pm.
  10. 11:40pm flight (UA 2006) from DEN to EWR, arriving March 14th at 5:17am.
  11. Drive from Newark, NJ to Albany, NY (roughly 2 to 3 hours).
  12. Compete at New York Tech Valley Regional (~64 teams) from March 14th to March 16th.
  13. March 17th, 6:30am flight (UA 2133) from Albany (ALB) to Chicago (ORD), arriving at 8:09am.
  14. March 17th, 9:10am flight (UA 3958) from ORD to Indianapolis (IND).
  15. Compete at FIN Columbus (~32 teams) from March 18th to 20th.
  16. March 20th, 7:55pm flight (UA 4518) from IND to ORD, arriving at 8:13pm.
  17. 9:05pm flight (UA 2454) from ORD to Queens, NY (LGA), arriving March 21st at 12:16am.
  18. Compete at SBPLI Long Island Regional #1 (~48 teams) from March 21st to March 23rd.
  19. March 24th, 9:20am flight (AA 4580) from LGA to IND, arriving at 11:53am.
  20. Compete at FIN Tippecanoe (~32 teams) from March 25th to March 27th.
  21. March 28th, 8:30am flight (AA 1296) from IND to Tallahassee (TLH), arriving at 1:36pm.
  22. Drive from Tallahassee, FL to Albany, GA (~2 hours).
  23. Compete at PCH Albany (~32 teams) from March 31st to April 2nd.
  24. Take any flight April 3rd-7th from TLH to Windsor Locks, CT (BDL).
  25. Compete at NE Hartford (~40 teams) from April 8th to April 10th.
  26. Take any flight April 11th-13th from BDL to IND.
  27. Compete at Indiana State Championship (~32 teams) from April 14th to 17th.

You’d have 10 completed events before champs, so I would hope you would be able to qualify somehow, although you’re only doing 2 regionals outside of your district, so there’s honestly a chance you wouldn’t, especially with your robot probably self-destructing halfway through the season.

All in all, you’d probably get - by my napkin math and off-the-top-of-my-head-estimation - approximately 12 + 12 + 12 + 8 + 12 + 10 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 12 = 114 matches, without considering elims.

What does all this tell us? Nothing. Hopefully a millionaire gets bored and wants to fund this. Ask around, see if you know anyone. Hopefully you don’t mind sleeping on planes and the kids are good at finishing homework quickly.


This is the kind of EWCP research we need.


Paging @waialua359 :laughing:


Also noting some of the layover lengths, hopefully you’re flying first class or the very front of economy, and are a pretty good airport sprinter. Gotta get the exercise somehow…

Or, here’s another possibility: what’s the charter price for an airplane big enough for a team of high school students? Could make a lot of the multi-leg flights single-leg if you could pull that off, save you some time and guarantee you get those matches in–might even open up some of the event selection or maybe even allow you to get back to ISR for another district event there. Still need a millionaire sponsor, though.


Not sure that’ll be a net savings. Unless your team is really small (like under a dozen people total), you’re looking at upwards of $10k per hour for a BBJ or an ACJ319 or something.

We’re kind of assuming cost is not an issue here. :wink: Reason I’m asking is to see if some of the tighter layovers can be eliminated. If I’m flying for my own reasons and on my own dime, I’ll generally try for a 2-hour layover give or take a bit, so I’m not running like a madman through the terminal–and a 1-hour layover is pretty much right out.

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If you’ve got the money for that kind of travel, you’ve got enough to make N copies of your robot (N > 1)

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There is one giant “gotcha” here.

Just take it as a carry on. If you’re spending this much money, You can figure out how to make it modular enough for travel.

just ignore that they put it with the checked luggage


@jeffreyklewis We better get crackin pretty quick here :anguished:

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I’ll start booking flights… everyone have valid passports?

But we’re supposed to be in Japan Weeks 3 and 4, COVID situation pending. So were actually potentially the busiest ever for our team.

Team Spyder 1622 is the king for regional teams.


To be honest, that’s a concept that has been considered by ISR teams - coordinating one charter flight for all the teams going to champs (of all 3 programs) and by that reducing the costs and logistics hassle, since everyone departs from the same international airport anyway.

Wow, no FiM events in there?

ETA: Perhaps none close enough to Ohio, Indiana or Illinois while traveling through the area?


In order to maximize matches, one would need to be in a district with a week 7 DCMP. This narrows it down to ONT, FIN, and NE, at the minimum, and removes FIT, PNW, PCH, at minimum. There are currently no week 6 FIM events listed, so I’m not sure if its week 6 or 7. That said, there’s still a lot of FIM events missing (there’s only like 10 posted). If FIM DCMP is week 7, then you could get more matches by being a FIM team and winning your FIM division and playing in FIMstein.

Additionally, ONT/NE have 2 divisions (well, ONT did in the past, and NE will this year). So you could get more matches there than FIN already. But I chose FIN as all the events are 32 teams and maybe they get bored and add in a 13th or 14th qual match.

On top of this, FIM doesn’t allow out-of-district teams to play there. There’s no indication that Israel does either, but I don’t think anyone has tried.

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It’s been done. See 135 and 772 at 2020 Macomb and 2867 at 2020 Kingsford. It’s possible, but seemingly only if the event actively needs teams and the team can make it work 2 weeks or less before the competition. Disclaimer that I don’t know of any updates to that policy surrounding COVID in FIM specifically.

The thought of a transfer window that short in O’Hare gives me anxiety. Then again, so does the thought of going to 10 FRC events pre-champs.

Good stuff, maybe this’ll be worthwhile once FRC institutes a universal district point system (like that’ll happen anytime soon).


You make that sound like an easy thing to do… :woozy_face:


that transfer + the 45 minute ohare transfer might be the hardest parts of this whole concept

You should be able to do JFK to EWR (via Penn Station) in well under the 4.5 hours allotted.

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One time I had about an hour long layover in O’Hare coming off of an international flight. Legitimately one of the worst experiences I’ve had in my life, I had to run to the plane holding up my pants and carrying my shoes after spending most of the time in customs and security. I’m sure it won’t be as bad coming in from Indianapolis, but even a small delay would be a big problem.

The good news is, since you’re headed to a regional, the first day is entirely practice, so you can probably call them to tell them you’ll be late and they’ll accommodate you. Sorry to the other teams that won’t be getting their schedules for a while…