How to Pneumatic

Our team is using pneumatics for the first time ever this year. We however have no idea how to make it work on the technical side. We have everything mounted and connected and it’s pretty but would anyone be able to link (or write out) an idiot’s guide to how to wire, connect to controls, and program pneumatics? We are using three double solenoid and two single solenoid. Any help is appreciated

We were in the same boat last year. Use this

There’s example code somewhere on WPILib. I’m not part of programming so I don’t know where to find it but apparently it’s very easy.


For code see this link for Java and C++.


You are in Michigan. There should be many experienced teams near yours. Considering your first competition is in a few days, it may be helpful to ask someone from one of those experienced teams to visit your shop to help you troubleshoot your pneumatic system. While there are many people on this forum willing and able to help, it will go much faster when someone can see your robot in front of them especially with issues such as finding leaks and setting the pressure relief valve.

That is already arranged. I just wanted to have some things put together before

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