How to power a minibot

Currently we have a minibot composed of Tetrix parts. We also have a Mindstorms brick connected to the motor of the minibot. We were wondering how to turn the minibot on, as well as how to power it after it’s deployed without being able to use stored energy i.e. springs. :confused:

To have the minibot move up the tower you can use up to two Tetrix motors.

As for getting it to start moving, there are ways to wire switches into the circuit. I recommend searching CD for other discussions about switches.
If you use switches, you don’t need the NXT brick, losing weight.

If you are planning on using the NXT, have something that presses the orange button. A servo with a stick for example.

I was thinking that you would use batteries to power the minibot…

You can leave the minibot’s battery on, and to make the minibot move you can either use a touch sensor or make the orange button on the NXT act like a touch sensor and then have something touch it. Another idea is to use a NXT light sensor, then when the minibot is ready to go up, shine a bright LED onto the light sensor (can be controlled by the hostbot)