How to power a pi with snakeeyes?

Can anyone send us an image of it being assembled without it’s case?
Thank you.

Have you taken a look through either of these videos? They discuss some of the powering options, as well as show the unit outside a case:

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I can send one when I get home. You can use PoE power or power it with the included weidmuller connector

I just read your post and can perhaps answer me. We just bought a SnakeEyes PI Hat and read that you can power it using POE, but where do you plug it into? I have read that using the VRM is not sufficient. My question is can we plug it straight into one of the PDP (20amp) slots without using a buck converter or any other tweaking? Showing an actual diagram would be very helpful. Thank you in advance for your answer.

Per the documentation straight to the PDH is fine. 7 volts min seems a bit high for the lowest voltage supported

Don’t use the RPM to power it

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