How to Power BeagleBone AI-64 + NVIDIA Jetson Nano

Our team is planning on using both a BeagleBone AI-64 and a Jetson Nano on our robot. The Beagle requires 5v 6a and the Jetson requires 5v 4a. What is the recommended way to reliably power these two devices off of existing robot electronics infrastructure?

We used a buck converter last year running off of our PDP to power the Jetson, and found that the device would power off randomly due to inconsistent amperage.

Help would be appreciated!

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So you’ll need a buck converter that can sustain at bare minimum 5V 10A (i.e. 50W). I’d give yourself a 150% safety factor so call it 5V 15A (75W). It will get its input from the PDP/PDH, so you want a nominal 12V input. A quick Google search came up with this, which seems to meet the proper specs. I don’t have any experience with it though, and there were plenty of other options available

I’d be hesitant to use a regulator that doesn’t specify minimum input voltage.

Fair, but this review seems promising:

Use two CANdles from CTRE

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