How to Prepare for Stop Build Retirement - Tuesday 8:30pm ET - Giveaways

Join us on Tuesday 9/10 at 8:30pm ET for our community round table show Roasts and Robots at

Topic: How will the new build season will pan out with Stop Build Day Retirement and what your teams can do to prepare!

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Guests: Adam Heard: FRC 254/973
Ryan Dognaux: FRC 1720
Eric Leifermann: FRC 2826

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I’d like to see this topic discussed. It’s really only applicable to teams that are able to go to a 3rd district event, in our case a 3rd in-district event but could also be a out of district regional as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd event.

One line of thought is to just do things the same this year as previous years and use 2020 as a learning year for the no-bag era and then change things up 2021 and beyond but I’d like to see if teams are considering forgoing that 3rd event in favor of more at home practice/workshop time.

About to start! Come hear from our awesome panelists about how to prepare for 2020 with no stop build day!

Thank you to our guests and to everyone who tuned in last night live! The segments are up on YouTube and we are giving away another FRC 254 T-shirt! See videos for details!

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