How to print data to FRC PC Dashboard


My team, wants to send some data to the default frc pc dashboard (not the smart dashboard, labview, remote, or shuffleboard). This data includes strings, gyro data to the gyro chart and perhaps other sensor data… we could not figure out how to send text (string) data to the default dashboard or gyro data to the chart in the default dashboard. does anyone know how i would go about programming this in java.


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In java it is:
SmartDashboard.putString("Key Reference", someString);

It should show up in the dashboard under the tab “Smart Dashboard” and if you want to create other tabs or drop down sections to organize your data then the Key Reference can be something like “Wheels/Wheel1/Encoder” and “Wheels/Wheel2/Encoder” and both values will show under a “Wheels” drop down but the separate values will be under their corresponding Wheel (wheel1 or wheel2). Hope this makes sense!

Useful resources for other functions: (even though you are using the regular dashboard it is still SmartDashboard class)

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Thanks very much!!!

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