How to program a controller with labview.

We are 1st year programmers with no experience and our mentor wants us to program a controller to drive. We have formatted the cRIO and have got a response from the robot, but all the controls are messed up. It would be awesome someone could walk me through how to program the axis on a certain joystick and a button so I could do the rest! Thanks again.

We have made no alterations to our the pre-set code other than changing Jaguars to Talons and setting it to mechnum drive.

What kind of controller are you using? Joystick? Xbox?

I am using a generic usb controller which is almost identical to a ps2 controller.

The only alteration that you should have to make to the pre-written code in a cRio project would be to change the axis that your controller drives with. Keep it as a joystick, just change the axis in the unbundle by name node thing. If you can’t figure out which axis on the controller are what in the code, just try googling it. Also make sure that you have all the right motors and such. For example, if you are using a 4-motor drive, make sure you replace the 2-motor with it in begin and add in the correct PWMs. I don’t have access to any code now but feel free to pm me and I can provide photos of the code tomorrow.