How to program command based robot

Ok, before you go to your bookmarks or whatever to pull out the WPI getting started with FRC Java pdf, the WPIcookbook pdf, and WPI robotics library user guide pdf, read the question please.
I was following the instructions in the WPIcookbook for the command based robot, but it is still giving me errors saying either a class doesn’t exist or the method doesn’t exist…am I missing something from the cookbook or did they leave out some parts (like imports and such)?

If you copy and paste the complete error and/or post your code it would likely be easier to assist with your question.

This is not the ideal way to endear yourself to those from whom you are seeking assistance.

I do believe that the cookbook leaves out imports, which you can very easily fix.

Assuming you have the Netbeans plugins installed, just right-click the editor, and click “Fix Imports.”

If that isn’t your problem, then you should post your entire error message.

You can also press CTRL+SHIFT+I on Windows to automatically do this. Of course, that assumes the problem is with imports in the first place.