How to program motors into the roboRIO into LabVIEW

Alright I’m gonna sum up what we’re asking. We want to know on how to program motors (the ones on the board which connect to the roboRIO) onto LabVIEW, basically make all them flashing red lights turn green. I know may seem confusing, but just want to know if we can get some help.

Let’s start with this question first. What motor controler do you have? In FRC you don’t really program motors you program controlers.

@bjbmcd We have VEX Pro Victor SPX’s

The default roboRIO project assumes two Talon SR’s connected to PWMs 0 & 1.
That would get any PWM motor controller to work, maybe not optimally, but sufficient for testing and to make the motor controller lights go solid.

The Driver Station must be connected and Enabled (button on Driver Station panel).

Are you trying to run the default program? Or something else?

If you are using the default project, verify that you have your PWM connection set up correctly. Check this document.