How to program solenoids without PCM (Not FIRST)

Hello, I’m from Valpo Robotics and our MRDC program. We have one robot that will be using a pneumatic cannon to shoot foam balls. Several of us are FIRST alumni and are familiar with pneumatics using the PCM and RoboRio, but we are not really sure how to program it for Arduino. We are using Mead single solenoid valves from AndyMark. Any help would be appreciated.

The AM Mead solenoid valves are 12V. I recommend getting a 12V relay module with at least as many banks as you have soilenoid valves and use them to do the switching, driven from some data pins. After that, it should be fairly simple matter of setting the data pins high or low to open/close the valve using digitalWrite(). Note that most (not all) of these relay modules have the relay in the default position with a HIGH data input due to the optoisolator.

Do you have a 12v shield for your Arduino? You can use that if not do what GeeTwo recommended,

this solenoid is spring returned 2 position from what the schematic you will want the output high in position 2, and output low in position 1.

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